Silver Buffalo “It Tickles” Superman ceramic mug (2012)

Produced under license in 2012 by Silver Buffalo, LLC. was this Superman “It Tickles” mug. This black glazed ceramic mug was designed with the cover of Superman number 32 from 1939 where Superman is struck with electricity as he says, “It tickles!” The cover art was done by the legendary Wayne Boring.

Superman Club member button (1966)

The original official Superman fan club was known as the Supermen of America and it began in 1939. By 1966, it was simply called the Superman Club.

These buttons (or pins), which are three-and-a-half inches in diameter, were sold in selected stores for thirty-nine cents. They were manufactured by…

Superman comic strip #177 (1943)

Superman’s comic strip run began in 1939 and continued until 1966. This is an actual half page from a 1943 Superman comic strip (number 177) with art by Wayne Boring. The story, entitled Hollywood Victory Caravan, tells the tale of a group of Hollywood actors who travel from city to city and raise money to help fund the United States during World War II. During a bus tour…