Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank (2001)

This Schyling Superman tin phone booth bank, sold in 2001, stands at 8.5 inches tall. The easily removable lid has a slot in it where you can deposit either coins or bills. What makes this bank so interesting is that there is different artwork on all four sides sequentially showing…


Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman bust bank (1997)

This Superman bust bank was sold exclusively at the Warner Bros. Studio Store back in 1997. One of the many products promoting Superman: The Animated Series, this bank stands at eight and a half inches tall, is made of vinyl, and depicts Superman in his often seen act of breaking chains.

Monogram New 52 Superman bust bank (2013)

Monogram has been licensed by DC Comics to create banks for several years. This is a New 52 Superman bust bank from 2013 and is made of plastic. It features a 3-D look at the Jim Lee designed New 52 version of Superman complete with the black ’S’ symbol on his cape.


Monogram Superman bust bank (2004)

Produced by Monogram Masterworks, a division of Monogram international, Inc., this plastic Superman bank stands at 7.5 inches tall and is 7.5 inches wide. At the bottom of the bank…


Enesco Superman bust bank (1987)

This ceramic Superman bank was produced in 1987 by Enesco, LLC. At the time, these banks…