Superman “Happy Birthday 50 Years” lenticular plastic tokens (1988)

Here is a set of two plastic tokens that celebrate Superman’s fiftieth anniversary. The tokens are made of molded plastic, one red and one blue, with a lenticular image in the center that shifts from Clark Kent to Superman. The artwork was done by the great José Luis García-López. The molded words around the image reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY 50 YEARS. The reverse side of the token features a molded image of Superman flying with clouds which is also taken from the art of…

Pan Entertainment Marketing Superman Incredible Glider (1987)

As part of the marketing celebrating Superman’s 50th birthday, Pan Entertainment Marketing Inc. was granted the license to produce this Superman Incredible Glider. Simply made of brightly printed card stock, the Superman figure pieces could be removed at its perforation areas and assembled.

Action Comics #600 (1988)

This is a copy of Action Comics number 600 published in 1988 by DC Comics when Superman was celebrating his 50th birthday. It contains multiple stories by numerous writers and artists.

The first story, written by John Byrne and illustrated by Byrne and George Perez, begins with that awkward kiss and exchange between Superman and Wonder Woman. The story quickly soars headlong into an adventure on Olympus where the two heroes are deep in a deception by none other than the evil…