Wizard magazine October 1999 (1999)

Here is another unopened Wizard magazine. This copy is cover dated October 1999 and features the bold artwork of Ed McGuinness on the cover. An article in the magazine briefly covers the plans DC Comics had for the upcoming Y2K storyline. (Wow, that seems so long ago now.) There is also coverage about…

Superman On Sale Here promotional poster (1989)

This is a Superman On Sale Here poster that was sent to comicbook shops in 1989 to promote the upcoming Superman titles. The poster shows off the enormous artistic talent of the great Jerry Ordway. For those of you who know your Superman history, this poster design is an homage to the cover of Superman number 1 drawn by the legendary Joe Shuster for its landmark 1939 debut which was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary at the time.

Crocs Jibbitz shoe charms (2017)

These days, there are those who feel that the ever popular footwear known as Crocs would be naked without stylish adornment. The people that created Crocs answered that call and created Jibbitz. Here are two Superman Jibbitz shoe charms that are made in China of soft rubber. The ‘S’ symbols are not flat, they are raised and look great.