Tyler Hoechlin 1/6th figure modification


The suit and boots for this Tyler Hoechlin 1/6th scale figure were produced by Rise Collectible Toys in Indonesia which they announced in 2016.  Knowing that it was my dream to continue my quest in assembling a full line of 1/6th live action Superman figures, I had to get this.  Once I received the suit and the head sculpt, however, I decided to make some minor modifications.



In the online photos, the suit by Rise Collectible Toys was fairly close to the one worn by Tyler Hoechlin in the Supergirl series.  It appeared that the company took their time to get even the tiny “tabs” on the ‘S’ symbol.  The head was meant to be purchased separately, unpainted, by renowned sculptor Rocco Tartamella.


After an impatient wait, the costume and boots came in 2017 in a clear plastic bag which I placed on a ZC Toys figure.


I then painted the head sculpt.  Someday, I intend to have it painted professionally.


Upon closer examination of the suit that I received, I noticed that it came minus the “tabs” that was shown as the “final product”.  After emailing the company and asking about it, they insisted that it was, indeed, final.  I then proceeded to add the “tabs” using cut pieces of card stock that I painted gold.  The other two minor modifications were to paint the “S’ symbol in darker colors and to paint four sections of the belt with a darker red.


Following the minor modifications… the Tyler Hoechlin 1/6th Superman figure is ready to display!


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