Metropolis Illinois magnet (horizontal flight) (2000s)

Continuing with my additions of Superman Celebration memorabilia from Metropolis Illinois, this version of the “Metropolis: Home of Superman” magnet features artwork of Superman flying in a horizontal position against a sky background within an ’S’ symbol shape. It measures 2-and-a-half inches high and has shiny almost metallic paint.

Six Flags Superman dome magnet (2018)

This is a Six Flags Superman dome magnet that is sold at all the Six Flags theme parks. It features a close-up image of the New 52 Superman with the name in Letterman style font running up the left side. This magnet is 2 1/4-inches in diameter and from its base to the highest point of its solid acrylic dome it is is 5/8-inches high. It’s a fairly strong and vibrantly colored magnet.

Superman Mega Mega Magnet (2014)

Released by PopFun Merchandising LLC in 2014, this Superman Mega Mega Magnet measures at five and a half inches in length. The magnet features a sculpted image of Superman flying taken after art by…