Kadokawa Justice League Superman “Fly Off” figurine (2017)

Produced in Japan by Kadokawa, this is a Putitto Series Justice League Superman “Fly Off” figurine in his New 52 outfit. Each figurine is designed to hand on a drinking cup or glass. The titles of each figure denote the pose in which they are in. This one stands at 2.5-inches tall. There are six figurines in this wave…


Mattel Justice League Action Mighty Minis (Pack 1) (2016)

Another collectible based on the animated series Justice League Action. This is pack one of the Mighty Minis line of figures that contains Superman, Lobo, Hawkman, and Darkseid’s head which was seemingly lopped off in battle. No… actually it’s a build-a-figure piece that, when you collect all for packs in the series, connects with other pieces to create a full Darkseid Mighty Minis figure.

Dorbz Superman Vinyl Collectible (2017)

As if Funko hasn’t had enough phenomenal success with their Pop figures, they also produce a completely different line of cutesy collectibles called Dorbz. Here is number 407 in its long list. This Superman figurine is made of vinyl and has a hefty ’S’ curl on its forehead. These figures are designed without actual legs but are painted to look as if they do.It may not seem like it, but these figures are balanced to stand on their own perfectly.