Peachtree Playthings Superman Magic Towel (2015)

Peachtree Playthings, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, produced this Superman Magic Towel in 2015. This little compressed wafer of cloth, measuring 2-inches by 2-inches, will unfold and expand when placed in water (after taking off the cellophane and front and back labels, of course).

Schleich Justice League New 52 Superman “ground punch” figurine (2015)

Produced in 2015 by Schleich, the company that brought us the “arms folded” figurine, this Justice League Superman New 52 “ground punch” figurine is wonderfully sculpted. From the base to the flowing cape, it stands at just over 3.5 inches tall. This figurine was made in China for the Schleich GmbH company in Germany.

Aurora Superman model kit (1964)

My parents met in the 1960s and one shared project of theirs combined my father’s interest in Universal Monsters with my mother’s interest in crafts.  Aurora model kits were a big deal back then and my parents bought up a number of them to work on together… Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, and more.

I recently discovered the large box that contained…