Super Friends Superman “running” pencil sharpener (1980)

Here’s another collectible about the 1970s/1980s Super Friends cartoon series. This is another version of the Super Friends Superman pencil sharpener produced in 1980. It’s exactly like the one I posted previously, except the design is of Superman running against a yellow background toward us. As it was with the other sharpener, the art is also by the legendary artist Neal Adams.

Super Friends Superman “breaking chains” pencil sharpener (1980)

Any fan and collector of the 1970s/1980s Super Friends cartoon series knows that the original merchandise from the show is greatly treasured since some are hard to find in pristine condition.  Here is a great Super Friends pencil sharpener produced in 1980.  The actual sharpener is…

Warner Bros. Studio Store 12.5-inch Superman vinyl figure (1995)

Yet another gem from the days when the Warner Bros. Studio Store could be found at local shopping malls. Here is a 12.5 inch tall Superman vinyl figure that was sold exclusively in the theme stores. Sold in 1995, this figure depicts Superman in his “resurrection” long hair. The figure is more of a statue since it has only five points of articulation (shoulders, waist, and legs) and was part of the…

Warner Bros. Studio Store Superman bust bank (1997)

This Superman bust bank was sold exclusively at the Warner Bros. Studio Store back in 1997. One of the many products promoting Superman: The Animated Series, this bank stands at eight and a half inches tall, is made of vinyl, and depicts Superman in his often seen act of breaking chains.