DC Super Friends #1 (2008)

Based on the toy line from Mattel was the comic book series called DC Super Friends. Published in 2008 during the big marketing push of the toys, this is the first issue featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

In this issue, after saving a group of school children lost in a cave, the team…

The Best of DC No. 12 Superman in Time and Space (1981)

In the days before comic book sized trade paperback compilation books (commonly mistaken as “graphic novels” which is something entirely different) comic companies published digest sized books which were comprised of previously published stories.

This is an issue of The Best of DC No. 12 which features compilation of Superman stories and is collectively titled, Superman in Time and Space. This 100 page digest book from 1981 contains…

Newstime magazine (1993)

This is a copy of Newstime magazine cover dated May of 1993. It was published by DC Comics and was a one-shot issue containing fictional stories pertaining to the world of Superman at the time.

I have always been a huge fan of how, over the many years, the city of Metropolis (and the DC Universe in general) has been given street names, restaurants, banks, skyscrapers, monuments, publications, and so on. This magazine fed that fandom a full ten course meal.

In the Newstime magazine, which is an obvious mash-up of…