Superman: Peace on Earth graphic novel (1999) – signed by Alex Ross

This is a large format 64-page graphic novel called Superman: Peace on Earth. Published in 1999 by DC Comics, the story was written by Paul Dini and Alex Ross and was a breath of fresh air at the time. It tackles the tough issue of Superman deciding to use his powers to help defeat world hunger and poverty but ends up learning a lesson at the end.

This book was masterfully illustrated by renowned artist…


3 Topps Superman: The Movie Trading Cards (1978*) – signed by Sarah Douglas, Valerie Perrine, and Jack O’Halloran

Back in 2001, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting three stars from Superman: The Movie (1978) and Superman II (1980) at that year’s Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.  Sarah Douglas (who played Ursa), Valerie Perrine (who played Miss Eve Teschmacher), and Jack O’Halloran (who played Non).  Knowing that they’d be there, I brought along…

Eddie Nunez original artwork (2016) – signed

Here’s a wonderful Superman headshot from artist Eddie Nunez. He is a penciller and inker for DC Comics and has done some incredible work with style and flair. This Superman headshot is no exception.


Superman #208 (2nd series) (2004) – signed by Brian Azzarello

Here is a copy of Superman number 208 (2nd series) signed by writer Brian Azzarello.

In this issue, which is part five of a story entitled “For Tomorrow”, Father Leone is met by Orr and Superman has a confrontation with…


Joshua Green original artwork (2016) – signed

This is an original framed artwork from artist Joshua Green. The art is done on brown art paper and is inked and colored. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a local comic convention.


Christopher Reeve 8×10 framed photo (1978*) – signed

An autographed 8 X 10 photo of actor Christopher Reeve from the 1978 motion picture Superman: The Movie.

I’ve always loved this bold image of Christopher Reeve against…


George Perez original artwork (2015) – signed

George Perez… the amazing creator/writer/artist who gifted us with characters like Anti-Monitor, Deathstroke, Harbinger, Jericho, Pariah, Ravager, and the fan-favorites…