1999 Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration cancelled stamp and envelope (1999)

I’m having a really difficult time knowing that it’s been two decades since I acquired this great Superman collectible. This is an printed envelope that was available at the 1999 Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. It features the artwork used to promote that year’s celebration with…

Metropolis Illinois magnet (horizontal flight) (2000s)

Continuing with my additions of Superman Celebration memorabilia from Metropolis Illinois, this version of the “Metropolis: Home of Superman” magnet features artwork of Superman flying in a horizontal position against a sky background within an ’S’ symbol shape. It measures 2-and-a-half inches high and has shiny almost metallic paint.

2018 Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration program (2018)

This is a program from the 2018 celebration which features amazing artwork by artist Jon Pinto which was created exclusively for the event which celebrated its 40th anniversary. The program features an event map, a tribute to Margot Kidder, a detailed schedule, bios of all the guests including Brandon Routh, Ilya Salkind, Jack O’Halloran, Jeff East, Aaron Smolinski, John Haymes Newton, Alex Saviuk and many others.