Funko Exclusive Legion of Collectors Pop! Heroes Classic Superman vinyl figure (#159) (2016)

Among the goodies within the Superman Legion of Collectors box released in 2017 was this exclusive Pop! Heroes Classic Superman vinyl figure (copyrighted 2016). Number 159 in the series, this figure features Superman in his classic suit with a lighter blue hue and red trunks standing in a heroic pose with his fists at his hips.


Funko Batman v Superman Vinyl Idolz Superman statuette (2016)

Here is an unusual looking Superman figure. This is a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Vinyl Idolz Superman statuette. Produced in 2016 by Funko (the company who brought the world the extremely popular Pop figures) this is yet another product released by the company to try and capture interest in the collector market. The statuette is number 41 in the series.

Although it may look like the arms are articulated…