Ramona Fradon original artwork (2008) – signed

Here is an original framed artwork by the comics legend Ramona Fradon. Done in exquisite detail, this drawing was done in pencil and really shows off her amazing shading abilities.

Ramona Fradon worked for DC Comics beginning in 1950 and became known for her work illustrating for titles like…


Eddie Nunez original artwork (2016) – signed

Here’s a wonderful Superman headshot from artist Eddie Nunez. He is a penciller and inker for DC Comics and has done some incredible work with style and flair. This Superman headshot is no exception.

Joshua Green original artwork (2016) – signed

This is an original framed artwork from artist Joshua Green. The art is done on brown art paper and is inked and colored. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a local comic convention.


George Perez original artwork (2015) – signed

George Perez… the amazing creator/writer/artist who gifted us with characters like Anti-Monitor, Deathstroke, Harbinger, Jericho, Pariah, Ravager, and the fan-favorites…


Jeff Langcaon original artwork (2015) – signed

Here is an original artwork from artist, writer and friend Jeff Langcaon. Jeff is a long-time artist and is the creator of the webcomic and trade paperback stories titled…


Jon Bogdanove cover artwork reproduction (1993) – signed

Acclaimed DC Comics artist Jon Bogdanove drew Superman titles in the 1990s. This is a cover artwork reproduction of Superman: The Man of Steel number 27. The issue was published…


Sam Campos original artwork (2006) – signed

An original artwork by the talented artist/writer/producer Sam Campos. Sam is the creator of the comicbook superhero…