Famous 1st Edition Action Comics #1 (1974)

In honor of Superman’s 80th birthday and the anniversary of the first edition of Action Comics!

This is a treasury sized comic titled Famous 1st Edition Action Comics #1. Published in 1974, this is a large reprint of the first appearance of Superman. DC Comics published numerous “1st Edition” treasury comics including Superman #1, Detective Comics #27, Batman #1, Sensation Comics #1, and Wonder Woman #1.


Action Comics #491 #498 and #499 reprints (1979)

Here are reprints of Action Comics number 491, 498 and 499. Why do I bother adding these reprints to the collection? Well, during this period, DC Comics licensed Western Publishing Company (the then parent company of Gold Key and Whitman) to produce reprints of selected comic issues and bag them as a three-pack. At this point in time…