Wal-Mart Man of Steel Premiere Night ticket stubs (2013)

In preparation for the opening of the 2013 motion picture Man of Steel, Wal-Mart offered special Premiere Night tickets to see the film. Here are three of the ticket stubs which feature a bold image of Henry Cavill as Superman. The middle stub still has the lower portion attached which means it was never used.

PTI Group Superman Figural Plastic Bucket (2017)

Produced exclusively for Wal-Mart for Halloween of 2017 was this Superman Figural Plastic Bucket. It is molded in blue plastic, has a yellow handle, and has a large ’S’ symbol sticker on both sides of the bucket. The bucket was made in China for the PTI Group in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Although this is called a “Figural Bucket”…