2006 San Diego Comic Con Stamp Cancellation and Lithograph (2006)

In 2006, the United States Postal Service offered DC Comics superhero stamps. Back during the 2006 San Diego Comic Con you could purchase a DC Comics envelope with a special “First Day of Issue” stamp cancellation. It also came with a fantastic lithograph of various DC characters. This is a cancellation of a Green Arrow stamp with a Superman lithograph featuring the artwork of Jose Garcia Lopez.


Flix Candy Superman Projector Pop Ring (2006)

This Superman Projector Pop Ring was released in 2006 by Flix Candy, a division of Imaginings 3, Inc. The candy was Raspberry flavored and the ring contained a light which was activated by a button under the main housing that was pushed when you put the ring on your finger. When the button was pushed…

Superman Returns the Official Movie Adaptation comic (2006)

As it is with most comic book adaptations, the writers and artists are given early versions of the movie script, production photos, and (sometimes) footage to work with. This adaptation of the 2006 motion picture Superman Returns is no exception. The comic opens with what was the original open to the movie before being edited out. It mimics the intro to Superman: The Movie complete with…