Imaginings 3 Superman Pop Pals Lollipop and figurine (2006)

Here’s another candy treat from 2006. Imaginings 3 released this Superman Pop Pals Lollipop which has an artificially flavored watermelon candy. Within its clear plastic handle is a Superman figurine in a heroic pose.


Superman Tin Box (2000)

Produced in 2000 by the Tin Box Company, this is a lunchbox style Superman tin. The lid is embossed and features artwork of Superman breaking chains. Unlike the old Thermos lunch boxes…

Flix Candy Superman Projector Pop Ring (2006)

This Superman Projector Pop Ring was released in 2006 by Flix Candy, a division of Imaginings 3, Inc. The candy was Raspberry flavored and the ring contained a light which was activated by a button under the main housing that was pushed when you put the ring on your finger. When the button was pushed…