Metropolis Illinois Superman Celebration pencil (1998)

Here is one of the many promotional collectibles that I picked up on my multi-year travels to the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois. This is a promotional pencil with the words “METROPOLIS, ILLINOIS… HOME OF SUPERMAN” printed on it in red over yellow. It also features…


Superman Pencil and Topper (1999)

In 1999, DC Comics released this Superman pencil with a sculpted Superman head as a topper.  The pencil, made in Thailand, is decorated with ‘S’ symbols.  Unless I’ve missed my guess…

Chemtoy Superman pencil topper (1974)

This is a Superman pencil topper made of hard plastic. It was produced in the early 1970s in the United States by Chemtoy. This Superman figural pencil topper was also used by bakeries at the time as cake toppers. Superman was one of a few characters produced including Batman, Robin, Captain Marvel (Shazam!), and Supergirl.